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How Do You Make Information Private On Facebook

How Do You Make Information Private On Facebook


How Do You Make Information Private On Facebook

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5a02188284 Here, we’ve put together a six-step guide to locking down your Facebook account as best as possible. Alternatively, clicking your name in the blue Facebook menu at the top of every page takes you to your Timeline page, where you can click the "ABOUT" button under your profile photo. That means everyone can see it, even if they are not your friend.You can change that with just a few clicks. Step 3: Get Rid of Intrusive Apps. When you click the small down arrow, a longer list of options will appear. That lets you share your baby photos only with family members, for instance. You'll find this option toward the bottom of the "Who can see my stuff?" section on the right side of the page. This will take you to a version of your Facebook page that appears the way it does to users who are not your friends. So if you make one “Public” post, Facebook will default to making all your posts “Public” thereafter. You can block specific users by selecting the Blocking option on the left-hand rail of the Settings menu. Followers Here you control who can see the list of people "following" you, provided you allow people to "follow" your public posts. Facebook Your Facebook Profile is Public by DefaultBy default, Facebook makes the most information you enter in your profile public, which means it is indexed by Google and


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